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Rethink your Firearm

LTL ReShell - Reusable gas powered shells

Introducing the LTLM ReShell

Rethink your Firearm
Rethink your approach to shotgun training with ReShell, the reusable cartridge which grants the user a more dynamic and immersive learning experience. If it’s professional training or personal development you’re after, The ReShell provides a cost effective, safe and versatile piece of training utility. Bring an expanded range of options to your shotgun training routine, The ReShell is a reusable cartridge which opens a pathway to greater understanding of loads and ballistics to its user. Through the use of tool-less handloading and pressure output adjustability, ReShell grants you the ability to train in a variety of applications with a product which is suitable for use in nearly any environment.

Propellant Options
High-Pressure Air (HPA), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2)
Energy Output
Variable fill pressure to give you low or high power
Shot Options
.68 cal powder ball, polymer ball, First Strike round, polymer slug, LTLM wad-less payloads & various 3D printed projectiles.
Ltl Munitions
ReShell Munitions

USE Your Firearm



With an adjustable range of 600+psi and a friction fit payload chamber, the ReShell cartridge provides an adaptable platform for firearm training in various environments.



Lower powered loads have been the norm in firearms training for generations, LTL Munitions is focused on user safety above all, the ReShell platform is designed from the ground up to meet required safety ratings and lastly to be intuitive to use.



The ReShell is a mechanical cartridge which is designed to be rechargeable and reloaded by hand. These factors promote significant cost savings when paired with either lighter economical or self-manufactured payloads.

How It Works

Connecting CADS to air source 1 Connect the CADS unit to your air source.
2 Charge your LTL ReShell. Charging the LTL ReShell
Load the desired projectile 3 Load the LTL ReShell with the desired projectile.
4 Use your firearm with the versatility and safety you need. Use LTL ReShell with firearm


Compressed Air Delivery System
Compressed Air Delivery System - Pro Version



The Compressed Air Delivery System or CADS provides the ReShell cartridge with a fully enclosed charging system with no exposed ports or valves. With the cartridge sealed in a chamber, charge cycle consistency is peerless, user safety is improved due to the design, material selection and reduction in overall moving parts.
Fully enclosed system requires no exposed ports or valves to function.

Details Coming Soon, the LTL CADS standard will be upgradable.

Under Development

37/40mm system
.50 BMG system

LTL 37mm/40mm System

LTL .50 BMG System

LTL Munitions ReShell cartridge is a convertible design, this grants the user the ability to change between certain calibers. This feature is still under development, but we can reveal that our focus is on launcher calibers such as the 37mm and 40mm.

The Patent Pending LTL ReShell system allows for some truly spectacular behavior in terms of design flexibility. Thanks to its unique ability to both use smaller case diameter (compared to leading alternatives) as well as higher charge pressures, training ammunition for otherwise very costly calibers such as the .50 BMG can be manufactured that is fully reusable and charged through the same CADS system base (* with minimal modification).

Freedom, Function & Security

With the LTL ReShell, your firearm is ready for use in the field or on the training ground. Control the power, shot, and cost of your ammunition. Practice without worry. Protect yourself in the backcountry while minimizing your footprint.

Shot Options

Compatible with various paint marker rounds. We provide both wad-less and wad-assisted rounds, for extending the range and gaining improved accuracy when needed.

Ltl Munitions
LTL ReShell Shot Options